About Us


Hey there, art lovers and kindred spirits! We're Sera and Lina, partners in art and life, and we're here to share our story with you.

Our Partnership

Over a decade ago, our paths crossed. Since 2012, we've been living life together, hand in hand, and nurturing our passion for art. 2015 marked the birth of our art business. We left everything behind and started from scratch in a new city. A venture born from living freely and create art independently. 

The Birth of Unique Brands

Sera, our photography whiz and graphic design guru, published Mote Poster Studio. Here, she creates minimalist, abstract, and architectural artworks that redefine ordinary spaces. She also created Studio Jornee for travellers, where she captures the heart and soul of cities, natural wonders, historic landmarks, and more.
As for me, Lina, I began a literary adventure with Whoom. Starting as a place for book lovers, I illustrated the magic of written words into art. Book scenes and covers into unique art prints. With time, I started illustrating portraits of authors, philosophers, historic figures, and all-round remarkable individuals.

Art for Every Taste

We're on a mission to create something for every artistic palate. Everyone is welcome to explore, discover, and find art that resonates with them. What sets our art apart is that every art print you see is 100% ours. We don't deal in someone else's work. If you see imitations of our unique prints, well, that's the sincerest form of acclamation.

Unity in Diversity

Now, the exciting part begins. In 2023, we decided to unite our creative forces under one roof. One grand website where Mote Poster Studio, Studio Jornee and Whoom finally get together. It's the meeting of uniqueness, diversity, and creativity.
We're the dreamers, designers, printers, packers, and shippers, all rolled into two creative powerhouses.
We're thrilled to have you along for the ride!